Double chin, not loving your Selfie?

Double chin, Turkey Neck, Gizzard, Waddle, or whatever you want to call it, I can improve it with Kybella or CoolSculpting.

Do you have a double chin that bothers you? If so, this blog is for you! Take away the general anesthesia, scars, and compression garments, because I have nonsurgical ways to improve it!  We have 2 options which are very different, and here are the basics!

Kybella: is permanent fat reduction that occurs with injection of deoxycholic acid (naturally occurs in the gallbladder) to cause the fat cells to burst. This procedure is mildly uncomfortable because it involves injections. There is “social downtime” with bruising, swelling, and hardness. Most people will do this on a Thursday or Friday and be back to work on Monday. The fun with Kybella is that the swelling is related to the bursting fat cells, so the more swelling the better result! Kybella works quickly with full results being seen in 6-8 weeks.

Upsides: Faster results seen in 6-8 weeks, ability to “sculpt” jawline with personalized injection plan

Downside: Bruising, swelling, and mild downtime

Coolsculpting: Is a fat freezing technology (cyrolipolysis), which is not painful. Each treatment takes 45 minutes and you may need 1-2 treatments , based on the size of your double chin. Each treatment permanently destroys about 20-25% of the fat, many people are happy with one treatment. If you would like more fat reduction we can retreat the area in 3 months.  Retreatment is ALWAYS at a discount! I have not seen much bruising or swelling with this procedure, although it is possible, some people have some numbness (pins and needles feelings) for a few days after the procedure. People start to notice less fat in about a month with the most results seen in 3 months.

Upside: No pain, no down time, and you can privately binge on Netflix while the procedure is done!

Downside: Results can take up to 3 months, may need additional treatments

Occasionally, I will start with coolsculpting to reduce the bulk of chin fat, and fine tune and sculpt with Kybella! Both are great nonsurgical options with minimal risks.  We often follow Coolsculpting and Kybella with our Venus Legacy skin tightening laser, if loose skin is also a worry. I will also inject botox to provide an more angled jawline, if that look is desired!

I love to save the selfie, with these non invasive destroying the double chin procedures! My patients are always happy when there double chin disappears, and will comment how their friends always say they look like they lost ten pounds and can’t figure out what they have done. Call or email me for a personalized consultation, and I can save your selfie too! 

Check out the blog next week on the always free Visia skin analysis and why you NEED one!

As always, I will educate, so you can rejuvenate!