Styku™ 3D Body Scanning

Styku 3d Modeling ScanForget the scale! Weight is just a number, a number that says nothing about fat or muscle! If you want to measure your body and track the progress of your treatments, you need to see the difference to believe it. That’s why we have Styku™.

Styku performs a 3D scan of your body in seconds, and creates a digital model with less than 1% error. Rotate, pan, zoom; you can analyze any part and compare before and after scans. You’ll be able to see precisely how effective CoolSculpting® fat reduction treatments are. You’ll see the difference in the tone, shape and size of your muscles after completing a course of EMSCULPT® treatments.

Styku scans are a complimentary part of your CoolSculpt and EMSCULPT treatment packages. If you’d like to know more about tracking your fat reduction or muscle building progress, contact us today.

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