Brilliant Distinctions Special:
Save $50 on any Botox Cosmetic treatment.
Save $150 on a combination of Botox and 1 syringe of Juvéderm.

Learn more here. Offer ends December 31, 2019.

Galderma Special:
Save $125 on a combination of Dysport and 1 syringe of any Restylane filler or Sculptra.
Save $175 on a combination of Dyport and 2 syringes of any Restylane filler or Sculptra.

Learn more here.

All Month Long:
Microdermabrasion + AQUAGOLD $499 ($225 savings)

Unlike various needling devices that only puncture skin, AQUAGOLD® Fine Touch™ is able to deliver custom regimen to treat areas by simply tapping the device directly onto the skin! With each tap, the channels guide the solution into the skin. No additional solution applications, no bleeding, bruising or downtime!

AQUAGOLD has the proven ability to deliver the desired amount of a customized dermal cocktail, just under the dermis, at a consistent depth, pain-free, and over a large surface area. This is a major advantage over the conventional syringe approach. AQUAGOLD normally costs $649, but for the month of December it’s on special!

Watch a demo of the AQUAGOLD treatment on Kim Kardashian West!

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