Artefill has been renamed Bellafill

Bellafill, previously known as ArteFill, made with unique microsphere-enhanced collagen, works with your body’s own collagen to provide long-lasting results. When the collagen gel is absorbed by your body, the microspheres remain in place to provide the support your skin needs to correct wrinkles. Bellafill is used primarily to treat nasolabial folds, those creases that appear around the sides of your mouth that look like parentheses, and is the only filler FDA approved for the treatment of acne scars.

Clinical studies have shown that Bellafill is a safe and effective alternative to temporary injectable fillers. It is ideal for the patient who wants longer lasting results combined with a natural appearance.

Eileen’s Experience Counts: butterfly

Eileen uses Bellafill as a long term dermal filler to reverse the signs of aging. Unlike the typical fillers that last only months, Bellafill can last up to five years for some patients. Before Eileen uses Bellafill, each patient must have a skin test to ensure they are not sensitive or allergic to the product. Eileen recommends that new patients make a complimentary consultation appointment to discuss the different treatment options and results that can be achieved with each dermal filler. Eileen was on the initial nursing advisory board in 2007 and has great experience with the product.

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