Looking to renew and improve those fine lines on your forehead and crow’s feet?

As we get older, our skin loses elasticity. Years of squinting or frowning can cause your skin to crease and furrow. Squinting at smart phones can even cause “iPhone face,” with forehead wrinkles becoming permanent. Botox can restore skin to smoothness or help preserve wrinkle-free skin. It is a prescription medicine that blocks and prevents wrinkle formation. It is injected directly into muscle groups to improve moderate to severe facial lines. Clinical results show dramatic improvements with the use of Botox in both treating existing wrinkles and in preventing wrinkles from forming. Results from Botox will begin to appear within two days to two weeks. Lines will soften and eventually they may disappear altogether. Results may last up to four months.

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Eileen has been injecting Botox since 2002 to help her patients achieve a smoother and youthful look. By diminishing frown lines and crow’s feet, Eileen feels that the result of Botox helps her patient feel more confident and positive about their appearance. In 2002 Botox was FDA approved and the first of its kind. Today, Botox is approved in 78 countries and 11 million Botox treatments have been performed for moderate to severe frown lines.

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