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Laser Hair Removal

Faster, more comfortable treatments.
Pay as you go per treatment area.
We offer three different laser types for hair removal, each with their own specialties.

Our lasers for Laser Hair Removal:

Lumenis LightSheer Duet

The newest laser specializing in faster, more comfortable procedures for large body areas. 
We are excited to have the first Lumenis® LightSheer® Duet™ laser, in the triangle! This is the newest laser on the market and provides a faster and more comfortable procedure than ever before. Most patients will require 6-10 treatments in 6-8 week increments for optimal and lasting results.

LightSheer Laser

Great for small areas of the body such as face, upper lip, chin, ears, toes

CoolGlide Laser 
Exceptional laser designed for darker, ethnic skin shades. Learn more about Laser Hair Removal for Ethnic Skin.

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The Lumenis LightSheer laser was the pioneer in laser hair removal in the 90s, but the Lumenis Duet laser has now been developed with a vacuum-assist component to make laser hair removal more comfortable, without the topical anesthetic. Since no numbing time is required, treatments are quick and easy; 30 minutes for both lower legs, 15 minutes for underarms, 30 minutes for men’s back, and 20 minutes for the bikini area. Individual treatment plans will be determined at the initial appointment by Eileen or her medically trained staff.

Pre & Post Care for Laser Hair Removal

Please follow these instructions for best results.

Pre-Treatment Instructions

Please follow these instructions for best results


  • Notify your provider with any changes to your health history or medications (antibiotics, vitamins, supplement, etc) since your last appointment. This includes new autoimmune conditions, cancer treatments, and/or recent vaccinations.
  • Avoid sun exposure 4 weeks prior to treatment. The use of tanning cream and or topical bronzers must be discontinued 2 weeks before and during treatments.
  • Avoid electrolysis, tweezing, and/or waxing for 6 weeks prior & during entire treatment.
  • All areas wishing to be treated must be completely shaved prior to appointment. 0% hair above the surface of the skin or you will not be receiving a treatment. A $350 shaving fee can be added if needed. 
  • If you have a history of herpes, prophylactic antiviral therapy must be started the day before treatment and continued one week after treatment (laser hair around the mouth).

Direct sun exposure must be avoided 2 weeks post treatment.

Post-Treatment Instructions


  • Immediately after treatment there may some redness and mild swelling.  The redness & swelling can last up to 7 days but most likely will be less. The treatment area may feel like a sunburn for a few hours after the treatment; it will subside.
  • For discomfort, apply a cold compress (iced gel pack, never ice directly on skin) or alcohol free Aloe Vera gel.
  • No heat such as saunas, steam rooms, Jacuzzis, extremely hot showers, or strenuous activity that would raise your body temperature for a minimum of 48 hours post treatment
  • Avoid sun exposure to avoid hypopigmentation and hyperpigmentation (lightening/darkening of the skin). Use a SPF of 30 or higher at all times throughout the treatment and 2 weeks following. All sunscreens sold in our office can be used.  
  • Avoid picking or scratching the treated areas. Leave any flaking skin or crusting intact, moisturize with Cicalfate. Avoid exfoliating until redness has dissipated. 
  • Do not exfoliate the treated area for 7-10 days (body up to 2 weeks), cleansing gently, pat to dry, and use products with non-active ingredients. 
  • Hydrocortisone maybe used for 3-5 days post laser hair reduction treatment to help with itching.
  • Do not use any hair removal products or similar treatments (i.e. plucking or waxing). That type of hair removal disrupts the hair follicle, only shaving is permitted.
  • Up to two weeks post treatment you will notice shedding of the treated hair. This is not new growth. The hair will naturally expel itself; you can encourage this gently exfoliating the treated area.
  • It is very important that you stay on schedule with your laser hair reduction treatment, if you get off track the treatment plan WILL NOT WORK!


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