The sources of environmental pollution from heavy metals are quite diverse and mainly consist of industrial and traffic emissions, agricultural effluents, batteries containing cadmium, organic mercury fungicides, and lead arsenate as an insecticide. The application of pesticides in modern cultivation becomes indispensable for a growing demand of quantity and quality in products, particularly to increase crop productivity and minimize any possible loss due to uncontrollable pests. Exposure to pesticide residues can result in many different adverse health consequences, from acute problems such as skin rashes and asthma attacks to chronic problems including cancer, neurological, reproductive, and respiratory disorders. These sources are polluting our quality of food which are leading to vitamin and mineral deficiency in our diet.

We can recommend bioavailable medical grade supplements. Bioavailability simply is defined as the proportion of a nutrient or bioactive ingredient that will get absorbed from the gastrointestinal tract absorbed and metabolized through normal pathways.