Eileen’s Featured Product – Vitamin C

Many beauty products claim to contain Vitamin C.  Do you know which ones work? There are many types of Vitamin C serums in the market but only a few have the clinical studies to back up the science for your skin type. Vitamin C  – L-ascorbic acid has a two...

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Why is Fraxel so awesome for Skin Rejuvenation?

Slow down the look of aging and reverse the clock hands! Fraxel is absolutely a game changer and the Gold Standard in the aesthetic arena for skin rejuvenation. Over 10 years of proven results speak volumes. I can speak from my own experience. I have been treating Patients and have...

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Bare your back!

Before CoolSculpting to the upper and mid back and 90 days later with more youthful curves! It is about to be holiday season, where we are often in fitted formal wear. Do you ever notice, bulging bra fat in your dress or that your hour glass shape isn’t what it...

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