Why is Fraxel so awesome for Skin Rejuvenation?

Slow down the look of aging and reverse the clock hands!

Fraxel is absolutely a game changer and the Gold Standard in the aesthetic arena for skin rejuvenation.
Over 10 years of proven results speak volumes. I can speak from my own experience. I have been treating
Patients and have had treatments myself since 2006. Twelve years of experience allows me to be an expert
in the field. Everyone always ask me “What do I do to my skin”? Well, I am 56 years old and started using Fraxel
when I was 44 years old. Mainly at the time to get rid of all the sun damage that my skin was exposed to.
Now 12 years later my skin is healthy from the inside out and radiates a healthy glow. A healthy glow resonates
with any age.

What can Fraxel do for you at any age?

  • Fine lines and wrinkles – eliminate, soften, plump up the crow’s feet, sleep lines, frowning and vertical lip lines
  • Surface scaring– Acne scarring, surgical scarring
  • Textural changes – with aging
  • Pigmentation – uneven skin coloring, overall yellowing, age spots, melasma, hormonal induced hyperpigmentation
  • Sun damage – thinning of the skin and loss of elasticity, premature aging
  • Actinic Keratosis (AK’s) – yes getting rid of precancerous skin conditions by turning over the skin cells, sloughing off the old

How does it work?

I like to the describe the process in layman’s terms.  When you understand the process, the science makes sense.

“If you are looking at your lawn and you see brown patches, crab grass and weeds, what do you do??? You will need to aerate your lawn, reseed, maybe some miracle grow and water daily.  If you do this, in 3-6 months you could have the best lawn in the neighborhood.”

Well if the lawn is your skin let’s go over the same scenario. You look in the mirror and see brown spots, furrows, lines and saggy skin all a sudden, the smooth skin that was so youthful is gone. You look around, and you see healthy skin glowing but your skin is not.  A Fraxel treatment will aerate your skin with a roller technology that will create micro channels (aeration).  This in turn will remove the old skin cells, creating inflammation during the process which will in turn create collagen.

Post Treatment

The key is Hydration, Hydration, Hydration. Just like a lawn, you can’t stop with one treatment, you have to keep it going. So, to add more bang for the buck, you will want to add growth factor skin care products that will assist in even better results. We offer PRP platelet rich plasma as an add on that will speed up the healing and re-balance your skin with your own healing system. Your Skin continues to produce dermal remolding for 6 months.Very similar to the fact it takes time and care to have the best lawn in the neighborhood.  Results you will see in just one treatment. More treatments will transform your skin to years younger.

Words of Experience from Eileen

Fraxel is considered a treatment procedure and believe me, not all Practices and Practitioners are created equal. Combining Fraxel with other skin treatments and skincare products can help maintain and increase your results.

When choosing who to put your skin care into the hands of, experience does matter!  At my practice, we invest in our patients.  We offer a thorough consultation, proper photography, a Visia Complexion Analysis and we ensure  all settings on our equipment are adjusted and set properly to your skin type and concerns in order to reach your goals together!  Call our office today to learn more.  We hope to hear from you. 919-881-2100

Eileen Slutsky RN,BSN,CANS




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  1. Kristin Reichardt

    I sent an email a few weeks ago but never got a response. I am interested in doing clear and brilliant combined with IPL on my face and neck. I did this last feb ($500) and I would love to do this again. Can someone please email or call to let me know if this is possible. 919-210-6293

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