Skin Cycling = Skin Rejuvenation

Photoaging is the result  of compounding daily prolong sun exposure to your skin over many years. It starts in the childhood years. It is very important to protect our skin at any age. As parents and grandparents we need to be mindful to protect our little ones. As we get older, we spend time and money correcting UVA (age rays), UVB (burn rays) and skin damage from the younger years.

At Aesthetics By Eileen Laser and Skin Care Medical Spa we have designed a program that specifically can lessen and erase photoaged, sundamaged skin, bringing back the “Youthfully You.” We want to cycle out the old skin and replace it with healthy glowing skin. Skin cycling is 5 easy treatments. It’s 5 treatments for 5 weeks in a row. Best part no pain, no downtime, and no numbing cream. Skin Cycling is using photo-thermal energy known as IPL (Intense Pulse light) or BBL (Broadbrand light). Specific settings are used and tailored to each individual.

What kind of results can one expect?

  • Evens out skin texture and tone
  • Erases, eliminates and lessens brown spots and age spots
  • Lessens red skin tones, rosacea
  • Lessens red and browns
  • Lessens fine lines and wrinkles
  • Lessens pore size
  • Allow your skin to have a youthful glow at any age

Eileen’s actual patient

How do we measure your results?

We use the Visia Complexion Analysis. Everyone gets a Visia  before we start the Skin cycling program and 2 weeks after the 5 treatments are completed. All results are quantified through the Visia. We get very excited to compare your before and after photos (the proof is in the pudding!).

Is  pretreatment recommended?

In some cases a skin care regiment or a chemical peel is recommended prior to your skin cycling. Individual treatment plans are discussed during your consultation. Our goals are to accomplish your skin care goals. Understanding everyone is different, we pride ourselves on our results. The importance of pretreatment will bring about  synergistic results. Specific products may be recommended depending on one’s individual needs.

Any special instructions before my treatment?

Come to the office free of makeup. When you get to the office and need to remove your make up let us assist you. The procedure should take 15-20  minutes, sunscreen applied. It’s an easy lunchtime procedure, you’re back to work or play in 20 minutes.

We have many of our own successful before and after results to share with you during your consultation.

Beautiful Skin is always in style!!

One thought on “Skin Cycling = Skin Rejuvenation

  1. Maria

    I had my first treatment last week with Caitlyn and I can already see a difference. I am happy with the results and looking forward to them getting even better. Thank you!


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