Perfect Pairings of Treatments

Slim down and tighten up this spring with incredible savings on these cool treatment pairings.

CoolSculpting, to eliminate fat, plus Venus Legacy, to smooth wrinkles and tighten your skin. No surgery, no downtime, just a slimmer, tighter look.

CoolSculpting + Venus Legacy:

Abdomen $1500*
Banana Roll $1500*
Inner or Outer Thighs $1500*
Upper or Lower Flanks $1500*

Before & After CoolSculpting + Venus Legacy Treatment set 1

Before & After CoolSculpting + Venus Legacy Treatment set 2

CoolSculpting + Venus Legacy Combination Treatments
Actual Patient

Kybella Treatments + Venus Legacy or BOTOX:

Regain your jawline permanently. Kybella + Venus Legacy or Botox for narrowing of jaw line after Kybella.

2 Kybella Treatments + Venus Legacy or Botox $2000*

Kybella + Botox Combination Treatment
Actual Patient

*Must be purchased by 6/18/2017. Gift Cards purchased at Open House cannot be used to purchase this special offer.

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April 19th, Wednesday, 6-8pm

save the dateLearn about your non-surgical options for treating a double chin. Live demonstrations of Kybella, CoolScuplting, Venus Legacy and Botox. Special pricing for those who attend the live demonstration.

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