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XLV+ Laser Acne Treatment

Laser acne treatment for adults and youth (with parental consent)

The Cutera Excel V+ is an FDA-approved device that targets the bacteria, P. acnes, that is responsible for acne breakouts. It is proven to even improve severe acne conditions. The heat from the laser will cause the bacteria found in acne to not be able to survive, eliminating a significant source of acne. The laser procedure also reduces oil production to minimize breakouts even after your treatment. While the laser is a powerful way to eliminate acne, it does not harm surrounding skin and tissue. As an added bonus, the heat delivered by the laser will stimulate skin renewal and in turn, enhance the appearance of your skin overall.

The first step of treatment is utilizing the CoolView hand piece. It specifically targets active acne lesions. You will not require any topical anesthesia before the procedure. A cooling component is incorporated into the device to ensure your comfort throughout your treatment. This first part of your treatment takes just a few minutes to perform. 

The second step is Green Genesis. Green Genesis will gently heat the dermis (upper layer of the skin) to heat the fine vasculature, decreasing the overall red appearance of the skin. It will also help decrease the appearance of small vessels on the skin. 

The last step of the Laser Acne Treatment is Laser Genesis. Laser Genesis helps improve fine lines, wrinkles, scars, small vessels on the skin, and redness. It will stimulate your body to make new, healthy collagen for a healthy glow and anti-aging properties. Will also improve unwanted acne scarring. 

The best part of the Laser Acne Treatment, besides the results, is there is no downtime. In fact, patients will see an improvement in their skin immediately after treatment! This will be measured with our Visia technology, so we can compare before and after results at your appointment. Patients can experience a noticeable decrease in redness and inflammation to their overall skin appearance and their active acne lesions. 

Most patients need approximately four treatments, each spaced two weeks apart, to achieve their best outcome. 

Treatment is available for youth acne with parental consent.

**The Laser Acne Treatment can be combined with Laser Vein Treatment which will help improve and even eliminate your pesky red veins on your face, traditionally seen on the nose, chin, and cheeks. This typically will only require one or two treatments. 

The photos on the right side of each group show this client’s skin immediately after her treatment. XLV+Laset decreases redness under skin and increases smoothness on top of skin.


What is Excel V+?

Excel V+ is the fast and easy way to treat visible veins, discoloration and wrinkles. It is the most advances aesthetic laser technology, combining two powerfully precise lasers to target and eliminate unwanted reds, browns, purples and blues on the face and body.

What does Excel V+ treat?

Excel V+ treats more than 20 unique aesthetic and dermatological skin concerns. The most common Excel V+ treatments include rosacea, facial and leg veins, age/brown spots and acne scars.

How does Excel V+ work?

Your treatment provider will select one of Excel V+’s two lasers and customize the treatment settings to target the color and depth of your skin concern. Most treatments are finished in just a few minutes, and results are typically seen after a series of one to three treatment sessions.

What are the benefits of Excel V+?

Excel V+ delivers clinically proven results on a wide range of skin concerns. The treatments are comfortable and fast, with most treatments performed in under 10 minutes. Depending on the area(s) and concert being treated, some procedures may take up to 30 minutes.

How many treatments are required?

With Excel V+, most skin concerns require only one to two treatment sessions to achieve results. However, the number of treatments will vary based on your condition. Your Excel V+ provider will discuss a customized treatment plan during your consultation.

Is the treatment painful?

Excel V+ treatments can feel similar to a quick rubber band snap against skin. Depending on the procedure, a cooled treatment tip will be in contact with the skin to protect and provide additional comfort to the area. A topical anesthetic may be available from your provider to improve your treatment experience.

Are there any side effects? What about downtime?

Typically, you can wear makeup and return to normal activities immediately. Redness and/or swelling can be expected following treatment. For full face treatments, swelling will peak 24 to 48 hours post treatment and usually resolves within a few days. Your provider may recommend a topical steroid to reduce swelling as needed. Treated brown spots will darken following the treatment and slough off within three to five days.