Laser Hair Removal

Faster, more comfortable treatments
We offer three different laser types for hair removal, each with their own specialties.

Our lasers for Laser Hair Removal:

Lumenis LightSheer Duet

The newest laser specializing in faster, more comfortable procedures for large body areas. 
We are excited to have the first Lumenis® LightSheer® Duet™ laser, in the triangle! This is the newest laser on the market and provides a faster and more comfortable procedure than ever before. Most patients will require 6-10 treatments in 6-8 week increments for optimal and lasting results.

LightSheer Laser

Great for small areas of the body such as face, upper lip, chin, ears, toes

CoolGlide Laser 
Exceptional laser designed for darker, ethnic skin shades. Learn more about Laser Hair Removal for Ethnic Skin.


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The Lumenis LightSheer laser was the pioneer in laser hair removal in the 90s, but the Lumenis Duet laser has now been developed with a vacuum-assist component to make laser hair removal more comfortable, without the topical anesthetic. Since no numbing time is required, treatments are quick and easy; 30 minutes for both lower legs, 15 minutes for underarms, 30 minutes for men’s back, and 20 minutes for the bikini area. Individual treatment plans will be determined at the initial appointment by Eileen or her medically trained staff.

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